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Institutional & Technological Development

Institution Building

He was instrumental in setting up an institute with the assistance of the Mahaweli Riverbasin Authority of Sri Lanka and US partners including Columbia University, called the Foundation for Environment, Climate and Technology (FECT) in 2003 as a collaborative non-profit organization (www.climate.lk).  Many established scientists and engineers (including from the diaspora) have helped in developing its capacity. Projects have been executed in collaboration with government entities in the field of water management, disaster risk management, environment, public health, plantation agriculture, food security  and coastal

Based on the invitation of the Maldives Minister of Environment in 2009, he has worked with partners in the Maldives to develop capacity for climate research for the Maldives. Apart from the work with officials at the Ministry of Environment, he has  collaborated with the Maldivian Meteorological Society, National University and with experts in the private sector and non-governmental organizations. Now this work is being institutionalized with the registration of FECT-Maldives.

Following the invitation of the Fisheries project in Comoros, a collaboration between the Comorian government and Hairu Group of Companies,  in 2014, work has commenced on research for fisheries and agriculture. Already, FECT-Africa has been registered in Comoros.

Access to Scientific Literature 

He has helped develop library holdings for scientists he collaborates with and mentors. He published a Reference Guide for Climate Science for scientists in Sri Lanka.


He has mentored over 50 scientists in the last 15 years in  state of the art research  in in Sri Lanka and Maldives while collaborating with larger numbers.