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Writing & Dissemination

Lareef Zubair has contributed to dissemination through writing, participation in workshops and seminars, through many presentations and through inputs to journalism. Apart from writing research papers, he also has a body of writing on scientific, environmental and technological information for popular and professions publication in newspapers, magazines and blogs.


He is the author of 30 magazine and feature articles on science writing for the public on topics pertaining to climate, energy, tsunami and disasters, agriculture, scientific and environmental education and literacy and capacity building in magazines and newspapers in Sri Lanka, Japan, UK and the USA.

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Workshops & Seminars

He has given 56 presentations and participated in 10 workshops such as the NOAA 25th Climate Diagnostics Workshop, New York, AgMIP South Asia Program Launch Workshop and Synthesis Workshop on Climate Variability, Climate Change and Health in Small-Island States, for WHO.

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Blogs & Websites

He has been contributing to several blogs and some of his work has been cited by others. In particular, he put together highly accessed website a day after the Tsunami affected Sri Lanka which was picked up news sites such as NY1.

Dealing with the Tsunami , blog


He has been interviewed as an expert by several journalists on  Climate and Climate Change, the Tsunami and Disaster Management,  Disaster Hazards, Climate impacts and Capacity Building.